Took the 1st Step!

After months of casually joking about the concept, the idea, the dream… My husband Mike and I decided to take the 1st step! We committed our Saturday to driving over an hour to wander around an RV lot. Dropping our 2 dogs, Chooch & Sunny, at doggy daycare, we set off for a day that we didn’t realize would completely change our current direction.

Tiffin, Georgetown, Winnebago, Prevost…the brands were overwhelming! The salesman knowledgeable and hungry. Hydraulics, chassis, engines, OH MY! From marble to wood, the possibilities appeared endless. The diesel Tiffin won us over. We knew the instant we stepped foot in it, that the Tiffin was the rig we had to have. While we didn’t make the purchase in that instant, we left the loft with a new sense of certainty, an actual timeline of achieving our goal, and the excitement to bring our dream to reality. Mike & I drove home stirring about the possibilities, the endless exploration that we could experience, the dream that could become reality.

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