Getting Lost in the Sunshine State

Leaving on a red-eye out of LAX we arrived bright and early in Orlando! Picked up the rental car and drove 2 hours to Bradenton, FL… No idea where that is?? No worries, neither does anyone else! After a 6 hour (yes….6 hours!!) chat/inspection AND test drive, Mike & I felt well-versed on all things Newell. Leaving The Motorcoach Store, we jumped in the car and drove another 2 hours across the state to Stuart, FL. Surviving at this point on nothing but a Dunkin Donuts coffee… we stumbled upon a gas station (thank the Lord!) and I was able to grab a bag of Cheetos. Arriving a few minutes before 6pm, we viewed a handful of Prevost rigs… Marathon, Millenium, Liberty, Oh My… By the time 11pm came around, the wonderful salesman was encouraging a purchase. Running on about 2 hours of sleep, and gas station munchies, we were moments away from signing on the dotted line. Thank heavens we snapped out of the Prevost Trance we were under and opted to “Sleep on it.”

Driving another 40 minutes to our hotel in West Palm Beach, we forced each other to stay awake and alert with the incentive of a slice of pizza floating in our minds. After a fattening dinner, and amazing rest (we slept till 10am!) we had a better idea of what we wanted in an RV home, and how much $ we wanted to spend.

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