Newell vs. Prevost

Newell Pros & Cons:


1.5 bath
Couch is an actual pull-out bed
TONS of bedroom storage
More space when slide-outs are out

Less space in transit

Several systems to reference when driving
Pedals are close together, making it difficult for those with large shoes/wide feet to drive comfortably

Liberty Prevost Pros & Cons:


Drives smoothly/no noise from slide-outs
Driver seat is separated from remainder of coach
Good amount of space in living area when in transit


One toilet
Sleeper sofa is not an actual bed, just a fold down couch

Not as much bedroom storage for my liking

Newell definitely takes a few seconds longer to retract the slide-outs, there was slight noise of slide-out when rig was in transit. Liberty was gorgeous, but didn’t have a dining table, rather a counter & stools, and the 2nd “bed” was a couch.

Hoping to make up our minds by the end of June! Stay Tuned…

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