We Did It!!

I’m sorry it’s been awhile since our last post! Mike and I have been super busy planning out the next chapter in our story… After much discussion and research, we pulled the trigger and purchased a 2009 Prevost Liberty Coach! We “officially” wired our money over last week and are now anxiously waiting to get our wheels moving!

Our current dilemma is deciding on insurance for this beast of an RV. Mike has contacted the few insurance companies out there that want to take on Prevost owners as customers. We have yet to settle on a company, but as soon as we do, I’m sure he’ll update you on the process.

Since we’ve made the decision to get on the road by August 1st… (Yes. THIS August 1st!!) we are organizing and downsizing like never before. We’ve located an affordable storage locker to house our prized-possessions, and we’ve locked in a moving company. Next step for us is giving our notice to our current landlord, and continue planning our initial itinerary!! Stay tuned as we make our way back to Florida to pick up our new home on wheels!

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