Things are getting REAL!

While we haven’t quite figured out who is going to insure us, I thought I’d check in with you all in the meantime. Things are in full motion on our end… We have officially given our last months notice at our current apartment in Sunny Santa Monica (so crazy!!)! Mike & I are busy packing up, downsizing, and in the process, picking-and-choosing the items we are bringing with us on our adventure. While we are just in the beginning stages, we’ve made a few decisions and have continued to do a bunch of research. We’ve gathered some helpful advice from our fellow bloggers, friends & family, and good ole Google…. Oh, and Pinterest too! Man that site is deadly…

At this point… exactly one month out from our Go-Date. We’re asking ourselves questions like… Which pots and pans to pack? What accessories are necessary for our pups on the road? Do we REALLY need that much clothing? The picture below is the mess of our apartment as we continue to box & toss (donate).

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