Moving Day!

I know it has been awhile since our last post (Sorry!). We’ve been so busy planning the start of our adventure. Right now we are packing up the final items in our apartment & getting ready to set out on a 13 hour road trip to Idaho! From there we will be flying to Florida & embarking on the next chapter of our lives.

So what have we learned this early on?? We have SO much crap! Things, things, things… We have & continue to… Downsize… donating & tossing. It’s quite liberating to be honest. We have been discussing topics like: staying fit on the road, eating as healthy as we can, places to see, family & friends to visit, attractions or events to attend…. the list really goes on & on.

To help us transport ALL of our belongings. We turned to Amazon & purchased a few of these massive duffle bags. They are turning out to be total life-savers! Sturdy, quality material, and they come in a few different color options…. When you click this link it takes you straight to the product & we make a commision on the sale, how cool is that?!

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