Our 1st RV Park Experience… with a Bus!

We picked up the bus in Florida & stayed one night (2 full days) at the dealer, learning the ins & outs of operating this massive piece of machinery. I managed to drag my husband to just about EVERY (seriously…every) home shopping store possible. We ventured into Walmart, HomeGoods, TJ Maxx, Bed & Bath… and even a few others. Come day 2, it began to storm in Florida. What better time to learn how to drive this thing, huh?

Leaving Florida we headed out on our journey to Upstate New York. Driving through Florida, Georgia, & the Carolina’s we rolled into a truck stop around 3am. Slept for a few hours and by 7:30am, Mike was back at it, driving us through Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, ultimately ending up around 1am in a Walmart parking lot.

We had a few minor mishaps along the way… Who knew a nice stop off in Downtown Gettysburg wasn’t a suitable destination for 45ft long motor coach?? (Not me!) After surviving that… extremely narrow roads, low power wires, crap tons of people, we were happy to make it to the Turning Stone RV resort in Verona, NY. We’re going on day 3 here at an actual rv resort & I must say it has been pretty awesome. We met a few of our “neighbors,” enjoyed a nice walk & are enjoying being able to spend some time with our East Coast family & friends.

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