2 weeks in to Full-time RV life!

We packed up our New York campsite & arrived in Vermont yesterday afternoon. With a fridge full of groceries (thank you Mike’s mom!) we pulled in around 5pm to our Lake Champlain home(THE most gorgeous sight to see) for the next couple of days. Our neighbors, who’d just celebrated their nuptuals, were anxious to invite us for a campfire. My good friend warned me about the power of offering a beer… “Don’t do it, unless you want a new bestfriend.” Her words rang true. We were barely parked before the camper hospitality was out in full force.

We spent the evening BBQ-ing burgers & attempting to boil water for salt potatoes. Unfortunately, between the continuous switch off from shore-power to generator, which definitely didn’t bother my husband ;P …. the water never boiled & we gave up the idea and craving for salt potatoes. This RV campground, Apple Island Marina, is our 1st encounter with decent wifi. Thus, rather than sharing in the campfire nextdoor, we’ll admit (guilty!) we spent the rest of the night catching up on some of our TV shows…

We have a lot to explore today: Home of Maple Syrup, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, a Teddy Bear Factory (who knew?). This is going to be our first experience utilizing one of the many rental car services around to sight-see & explore a destination. With a cab arriving shortly to whisk us away to the Burlington Airport Enterprise Rent-a-car, I have to cut this post short. Update you all soon on our Vermont adventure.

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