First note from Captain Maz

The smile has not been wiped off my face since realizing the dream of operating a Prevost! The anticipation and then reality of becoming the captain of our land yacht has been exhilarating. So many thoughts of ensuring smooth operation can get a bit stressful at times but in the end, cruising down the road with our favorite artists playing full blast has been just what we were looking for.

The service team at Liberty Coach did a splendid job providing a once over review of operation. We have been in a few situations where we were able to get them on the phone or text with immediate responses. Most of the answers were simple but for first timers going through the process of operation, they seemed paramount to getting rectified right away. Tech support for our coach at each turn has engrained lessons and also additional checklist items during operation. Operating the coach can be broken down into the physical driving which once you feel comfortable is the best feeling in the world and then the engineering aspect of how the coach operates in different modes.

Now the Liberty Conversion is very user friendly. There are a few head scratchers in the beginning of going through switches, etc but each system can be explained. From an electrical standpoint the computer screen that operates all of the fuses turn on and off and alert you right away if something has been tripped. Most of the time you just need to press the touch screen to fix the problem. There hasn’t been any physical changing of fuses underneath the coach at this point and we don’t anticipate that in the near future. One of the added benefits of our coach is that there is an Ipad controlled app that operates everything from lights, shades, climate and monitors tank levels etc. The original Crestron system does the same but now is a bit more user friendly.

Living in the coach (now our home) has been fantastic at least until our gigantic beasts of dogs come aboard. Sleeping every night has been wonderful! I would say that an alarm needs to be set as the bedroom is very dark and cozy with an extremely comfortable memory foam mattress. Kelsey has been ensuring our design touches don’t become forgotten and has made the first part of trip a lot of fun by adding little comforts from the locations of travel. We did realize that magnets don’t stick to our extra large fridge. Most likely a good thing because I didn’t want to have to buy a magnet from every town we visited.

At this point, our trip has just begun and the excitement for where we are headed is over the top! We imagine where and make a few inquiries and then point the GPS in that direction. Better than an airline in my opinion because the coach has a quiet comfort to it while cruising down the road. Oh…and did I mention the air ride seat?

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