Vermont to Maine

Vermont was possibly one of THE most beautiful states we’ve seen. We crammed a lot of sightseeing into our day. We called a taxi to take us to the local airport, where we rented a car for the day. Our 1st stop wasThe Vermont Flannel Company. We spent time browsing through everything flannel! Shirts, pants, blankets, jackets, even thong underwear (LOL)! Next stop, Dakin Family Farms & Sugar House. Mike & I overindulged, purchasing maple everything!! Bacon, honey, syrup, jam… We haven’t even mentioned the souvenir items yet (t-shirts, mugs, magnets, & more!).

Back on the road, we headed to Cookie Love, Vermont’s cookie & ice cream shop. Considering I’m obsessed with chocolate chip cookies we had to stop. Of course, my ice cream loving husband went for the Maple Flavored Soft Serve (not my cup-of-tea), he loved it! After filling up, we headed to The Vermont Teddy Bear Company. Not sure how excited Mike was about this stop, but we have nephews who clearly needed Teddy Bears! The Teddy Bear Company was a slight disappointment as everything was way overpriced, but we still caved (shh! it’s a surprise). We fell in love with strolling through Downtown Burlington, however our shopping addiction was out in full force. Too many cute boutiques to not buy a few items (xmas gifts!). We ended up at a salad shop for a quick bite, which might possibly have been one of the better salads we’ve had… “B.Good,” you guys know what’s up!! Seriously though, if you ever find yourself in Burlington, Vermont… you need to grab a salad from b.Good! You will NOT be disappointed.

That evening we arrived back to our campsite only to find that the shore-power was not working, our generator ran until the gas got to low, and we had to move sites. Which ultimately meant, my husband was in freak-out mode. Stressed was an understatement. The up-side to this fiasco? Mike got to reverse the rig for the 1st time in the dark! Nailed it on his…5th, 2nd try!

The next morning we were early risers! Up & out by 7:15am. We headed over to The Penny Cluse Cafe in Downtown, Burlington. This restaurant has such a following that we arrived at 7:45am to a line down the street…The restaurant didn’t even open till 8am!!! We grabbed two seats at the bar, ordered their famous biscuits & gravy, and a set of their pancakes. This carb-load was necessary and definitely worth it,…mmm!

After breakfast we made a quick exchange back at Dakin Farms, the shirt Mike loved was unfortunately the wrong size. On our drive back to the airport to drop off the rental, we stumbled on an adorable little Farmer’s Market. How could we not seize this opportunity?! Hand-crafted jewelry, homemade pastries & bread (you all know by now the carb obsession is real for us!), vegetables so bright they looked fake. Mike & I felt our love for Vermont increasing as we strolled along, chatting with locals. Next Stop… Maine!

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