Maine: The way life should be

Our adventure in Maine started out with a BANG! As we pulled into our campsite in Old Orchard Beach, ALL of the neighbors came out to wave & stare. Our spot was in this awesome forest atmosphere with tons of trees, just a short walk to an amazing sandy beach.

Catching one of the very few Ubers around, we quickly made our way into the main part of town. We found ourselves at the end of the pier, sipping on our first “beverage” of the night. Meeting some characters from Boston, our night began to take off. We found ourselves enjoying “the best lobster in Old Orchard” at a locals spot, Bell Buoy. Of course, it wouldn’t be until the next day that we’d come to regret overindulging in the amazing, buttery, flavorful lobster.

Making friends with quite a few locals, they accompanied us on a bar-hopping adventure through Old Orchard. Stopping 1st at a dive bar, The Last Call. Live music & billiards, we enjoyed our time until the dreadful Last Call rang out from behind the bar. Naturally, no one was ready for the night to end. We found ourselves (& our new “friends”) headed to The Brunswick. Known for “The Largest Patio in Old Orchard,” this restaurant transforms at night into a full on, jam-packed dance club. Loud music, bright lights, and stron drinks. As the rounds of drinks flowed, so did our dance moves. Mingling amongst locals & tourists alike we found ourselves taking full advantage of their famous patio.

As the night progressed & our friends list grew, we discovered that Maine’s last call is at 1am. Although completely disappointed at the time, we would come to appreciate this concept of an earlier night the next day. Needless to say… the next morning, day, afternoon & evening was spent recooperating from our fun night on the town. When we finally did make it outside for some fresh air, we took a walk to the beach, only to find it beyond packed. Our guess, 30-50k people on the 7-mile strip of sand. More people than Mike & I had ever seen at the beach… and we’ve lived in Santa Monica!!

After losing a day to the recovery process, we explored Portland… Eating at Duckfat (amazing poutine fries), browsing the cobblestreet shops & of course trying some of the famous potato donuts at Holy Donuts. The next day we became one of the 1000s to enjoy the beach, then traveled into Kennebunkport (aka Bush town) for the afternoon.

Our next stop was up to Belfast, Maine, a bit more north. Our RV site in Belfast was amazing, right on the water, a few minutes from their very tiny town. We explored, chatted with a guy from Rome, NY (town right near Mike’s hometown… what are the chances?!) who let us play with his Newfie… suppressing our withdrawals of Chooch & Sunny momentarily. We grabbed some dinner at an italian spot Delvina’s which just so happened to have amazing..yes, amazing, blueberry cake with sugar crumble. Since Enterprise had no vehicles available for rent, we were unable to make it to Bar Harbor (Ba-ah, Hah-bah) & settled for a day trip to Camden.

We loved all the coastal towns in Maine. While it’s safe to say I enjoyed the tourist-trap shops a bit more than Mike, he definitely enjoyed all the pastry shops & ice cream we found a long the way.

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