Michigan: The Mitten State

Michigan was great! We stayed in a very luxurious RV Park in Petoskey, Hearthside Grove. By far, the nicest we’ve been to yet! Upon arrival we were given name tags (see below, haha!). This place was great, from the people working there, the amenities, to the visitors & owners. We spent our 1st day in Michigan roaming around Downtown Petoskey, where there happen to be a cute local street fair: The Festival on the Bay. We enjoyed some sweet corn & entered the Elks Raffle for a used 4-wheeler (because…who doesn’t want a 4-wheeler?!). We even made it to Inn at Bay Harbor! Awesome, waterfront hotel (reminded us of Hotel Coronado in SD), where we enjoyed a fancy dinner steps away from the Lake.

The next few days were unfortunately rained out, but that was okay, since Mike was in LA on some last minute business. With Mike not around & a very strong wifi signal, I was able to catch up on a few of my favorite shows. Since the airport was in Traverse City (about an hour and a half from our RV park), we grabbed some brunch & drove around there before he took off for LA and when he got back into Michigan.

That night, we made it to the Charlevoix-Emmet County Fair. Loaded Brisket Baked Potato & Fried Zucchini were on the menu that evening as we listened under the Grand Stand to The Battle of the Bands, Country Edition.

As the week went on, and we attempted to be fit by walking around this massive resort & utilizing the gym equipment, we met some pretty awesome people. Mike was more than excited to meet & chat with the founder of Liberty Coach, Frank Sr…. Probably the only time he’d be happy I drug him to the gym ;P Later that day, we drove up to Harbor Springs… an AWESOME little harbor town, a little north of Petoskey. While in town, we admired Betsy Devos’ yacht The Seaquest (163ft!), then stopped a quaint bookstore for our next good read & grabbed some dinner before heading back to the Hearthside.

On Saturday, we attended a brunch hosted by Millennium Coaches & had the oportrunity to mingle with more of our “neighbors.” We spent so much time mingling, the food was actually done & put away by the time we were ready to grab a bite! It was very cool to hear the diverse backgrounds of each motorcoach couple. Some still working, some retired… Everyone had their own story for why they were where they are now: leisure, business, and/or fun… We met a couple that are huge Florida Gator fans… We met the man who created the “Whacka-mole” carnival game… Even met the founder of Millennium Coach.

Later that night, we made our way to the clubhouse for the McGreggor vs. Mayweather fight. Since we arrived at 9pm, for a fight that didn’t start until 12am…. We spent the evening in the clubhouse, enjoying beverages & shooting the shit with our new Hearthside Grove buddies (known as The Grovers). We even met a gentleman from Westlake Village! Small World, No?!

Towards the end of our stay, we found the local Walmart to stock up on some supplies & of course.. since the Walmart was right near the Odawa Casino, we donated some of our cash to the good-ole indians. Mike & I spent the evening outside our coach bbq’ing patty-melts & hotdogs.

Our last day in town was spent in Downtown Petoskey. We ate at Tap 30, the local brewery there & bought some groceries at their neighborhood natural foods market. We made a pitstop along the way at a wine shop, to grab a few bottles for us to bring to dinner at our new friends coach for a cookout. Harvey (our new friend from Westlake Village) BBQ’d beer can chicken, and his girlfriend, Tammi made a strawberry pie. Dinner, and the company was great!

This journey has been quite memorable thus far. Meeting new people, exploring new towns… We are looking forward to all that is instore for us as we continue on!

2 Replies to “Michigan: The Mitten State”

  1. Kelsey and Mike, I love reading your blog. You two are having way more fun than I ever imagined.
    I saw Tina today and gave her the information on your blog. She wants to folllow along.
    Debbie Cherry told me that she’ll be seeing you soon. Have fun! Hope to see you soon!


    1. Yay! So happy you are following along with us on our journey 🙂
      We’ll text you mid-September when we’re back in town for a week so that we can meet up! See you soon!


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