Pit-Stop at Liberty Coach, Northern Chicago

Being in our coach for about a month now, we’ve come to identify a few minor fixes/updates that needed to be addressed. After meeting a very helpful gentleman up at Hearthside Grove in Petoskey, we decided to swing down to the Liberty Factory in Northern Chicago. Boy, oh boy… The experience of getting into the overnight lot at the Northern Chicago service facility was one we’ll live to remember!

We arrived at the facility after-hours, with a gate code for a padlock, and the instructions to “back it in between the posts” sounding from the service managers voicemail left hours before. With a torrential downpour occuring outside & lightning bolts painting their mark across the sky, Mike had me gear up in his rain coat, grab a walkie talkie, and head outside to assist him in parking the bus.

After multiple attempts to open the padlock, the gate was finally opened (WIN!) !! Now for the fun part… Mike needed to reverse around a street corner, pull into the Jelly Belly factory truck loading dock adjacent to the desired parking spot, then finish by reversing between a tight barbwired gate, perfectly placing the rear of the coach between 2 very tight power poles… I am not using the word “tight” as an exaggeration… being able to reverse a 45ft coach into the desired spot would be deemed as a true feat! After a few attempts, we were in! Way to go, Mike!!

We spent the evening in the lot, awaiting our service appt the next morning. Mike & I have been blown away with the level of service provided to us at this point. We called last minute, with hopes of being tended to quickly, on our route over to Minnesota. Alex, the tech-guru and grandson of Frank Sr. (whom we mentioned meeting in our previous post) & Bill Doherty, the service manager, were awesome! Eager to assist us in troubleshooting immediate issues (fixing the outdoor TV my husband smashed…no comment), to planning with Mike how to make some of his coach technology dreams a reality. Alex & Bill even took care of some of my preferential items, like replacing a few velcro pieces, enabling our front carpets to remain stationary rather than be moved about in transit & fixing a squeak coming from one of our blinds (Thank you!!).

Liberty Coach has just reaffirmed the main component behind our decision of choosing them to embark on this journey with us. Service is key, and something you can expect from them when purchasing your next conversion bus.

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