Minnesota: The Star of the North. Part One

Man did we make some memories in the great state of Minnesota! We had a full day (which we naturally spent at Mall of America) before my parents arrived & joined us on our last leg of the 1st chapter of our journey.

Mall of America. WOW! 8 hours & 2 meals later… Mike & I found ourselves hailing down an Uber with bags upon bags. If a state is going to have a mall the size of this one, they should atleast have Shopping Addiction: Get Help Now! pamphlets at every check-out stand, or atleast near the ATM’s (C’mon Minnesota).

The next day we got started a little late. Our friends from CA were also getting into town. That afternoon we stopped in to visit friends before heading over to University of Minnesota for the Buffalo vs. Gophers game. While we were a few minutes late (an hour) for the Buffalo tailgate (no one expected LA traffic in Minnesota), we enjoyed some pregame food & found our seats. Section 107, Row 7. Amazing seats!! The game was AWESOME! Skydivers landed in the middle of the field before kick-off, the marching band energizing the entire crowd, and fireworks shot from the stadium. Although Buffalo lost, we all had a great time & my mom’s 1st college football game was a success.

After the game, we hung around while Buffalo left the field & loaded their bus. Walking aimlessly for over a mile, we located the local light rail & went downtown Minneapolis. Of course, when Mike noticed a pizza place out the window we had to jump off & get a slice or two. We didn’t mind that it was probably in one of the roughest parts of the city. The street corner had not only the local police department patrolling on foot, but the Sheriff department too! From there, we hailed an Uber & headed back to the bus.


2 Replies to “Minnesota: The Star of the North. Part One”

  1. Great writing! So, your mom and dad are there…nice! Are they still with you? How do you like the Midwest…sort of? Minnesota is a bit north.
    I’m so glad that you are having a good time. You are missed. The Labor Day party last year was at your house!
    Keep in touch.


    1. Yes! Mom & Dad are traveling with us for about 2 weeks. We are Idaho tonight for a country concert, then headed to Idaho! So far, our favorite state has been Vermont. I forgot about that party… so much fun!! looking forward to seeing you!! Thanks for keeping up with our journey ❤


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