I want my MPG…

A consistent conversation has been started many times since we have started our journey. The question is always “Hey, how’s the gas mileage on that thing?” To be honest, I am a little concerned about the cost of operating this beast but the thrill of the ride still outweighs the walk of shame to the cash register announcing a $400 hold on our card to pump diesel. Always hoping for a high-speed pump, I think about my driving tactics over the past day or two to see if there is anything I can do to maximize our MPG. Slight differences in speed between 65 and 70 could cost 20% based on my initial calculations. I am not sure that it is the safest decision when operating well below the speed limit with every vehicle passing us by. I think that driving safely with the speed of traffic works best but may sacrifice MPG.

The next stretch of our trip will be on flat roads without much elevation change and am hoping for some increases in MPG.

There are a lot of folks that say if you are asking what the MPG is then you shouldn’t drive the bus. We can joke about this but everyone is trying to maximize operation now a days. We operate the coach with the cruise on more often now and hope that the computer systems that are operating can ensure we are getting optimum MPG.

While we were in Petoskey, MI last week there were a bunch of owners headed to Quebec City, Ontario to tour the Prevost factory. I’m sure the question will come up regarding this topic. If only we were back on the East Coast…If all goes well, maybe in 2018 we will make it back there to visit friends and family and share memories of our amazing trip about America.

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