Minnesota: The Star of the North. Part Two.

We woke up this morning & after battling over who gets to shower 1st, we jumped on the free shuttle to the Mystic Lake Casino. We enjoyed some breakfast & a little bit of gambling. We hit a SPIN ON Wheel of Fortune which was a nice little pick-me-up! After a few hours, we went back to the bus & prepared for our afternoon on Lake Minnetonka.

If any of you are familiar with my husband, then you are well aware that he does NOT do well as a passenger. We called an Uber… Owale (our driver) was probably THE worst driver. Mike had a minor meltdown & was not shy utilizing his Back-Seat Driver’s License. 35 minutes later, we found ourselves safely (thank heavens!) exiting the Uber & boarding the Pontoon Boat. I’d say Mike was the most relieved to be getting out of the car!

The boat included the 4 of us, our 2 friends from CA & their 2 family members from Minnesota. We had a blast! 15 minutes into the ride, we were already doing a search & rescue mission for my dad’s hat. He didn’t get the memo not to wear a brand new hat on a windy overcast day (LOL). We bar-hopped from dock to dock… Enjoying champagne & each others company. We ended the eventful day in Wayzata, Minnesota. More locals met up with us as we enjoyed some wine & cheese curds. Cheese curds were a first for most of the people at the table, yum!!

Back at the bus, everyone decompressed, watched a bit of Fox News to catch up on the world’s happenings, then fell asleep ready for an early morning take-off to Iowa the next day!

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