Iowa: The Hawkeye State

We made it to Iowa… all 4 of us! On our drive out, we stopped in Ames, Iowa at a local deli for delicious & very large sandwiches. Since it is a process to park this thing, we were happy to find a supermarket with a large empty lot a few blocks from our desired deli. My mom & dad stocked up on liquor for the pregaming we were going to be doing at the Justin Moore Concert in Ottumwa, Iowa. Then we got back on the road (I napped) and we travelled to the Bridge View Center for the concert.

When we pulled into the parking lot, the only other bus was Justin Moore’s!! How cool!! As we did a few circles finding the perfect spot, the entire parking security crew watched, somewhat confused, not sure whether we were with the band! We ended up parking with a few hours to spare, just enough time to get pretty & eat a snack… and… of course, blast some good ole country music.

The concert was awesome! Top shelf drinks were only $7.00, the people were friendly, and the line for the restroom wasn’t too unbearable! The venue from the inside, felt very similar to a high school gym. Sounds bizarre, but it was great because they weren’t very strict on ticket checks & we were able to move a bit closer to the stage. Justin Moore was SO much fun!! At the end of the show, we went back to the bus & began our own after-party! A bunch of people were rocking out to country music, hanging out & enjoying some of Mike’s amazing BBQ. We had such a great time that we ended up staying overnight in the venue parking lot. Up very early the next day (did I mention we were right next to the train tracks?!) we grabbed some donuts & took off… Next destination? Unknown at the moment… Wyoming? Utah? Stay tuned.

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