Our almost deadly, Labor Day Weekend

From Iowa, we took off towards Idaho, mom & dad more comfortable than ever (see photo for proof, haha!). Landing in Laramie, Wyoming… the 4 of us found home to be a quaint KOA close to the freeway. We BBQ’d and enjoyed each other’s company once more before setting off to Meridian, Idaho. The next day as we made our way to Katie’s, we stopped in at The Cowboy Cafe for lunch. If we were to judge this place from its curb appeal, there’s no way we would have eaten there… BUT! Thanks to YELP, we found ourselves grabbing some yummy sandwiches for the road. Of course, we also stopped at Little America (mom gave us no choice). To her dismay, it was nothing as she remembered it.

Throughout the drive, we noticed the fridge wasn’t doing it’s job. The freezer was freezing, but the fridge was burning up!! Thinking it wasn’t a huge deal, as we’ve experienced “minor” issues before, we kept on our way to Idaho. Almost to our destination, my mom (thank god!) went to fiddle with the fridge. Upon opening it, a soda can exploded!! The heat was SO intense it caused an untouched soda can to shoot out & explode. As we cleaned up the sticky mess, my mom noticed the back of the fridge melting… YES, MELTING!! If she wouldn’t have caught it, the bus would have caught fire & who knows the kind of damage we would’ve been dealing with. Apparently, the fridge had 60watt bulbs, when it is intended to have 40watt! To say the least, the drive to Idaho was definitely not boring.

Arriving in Meridian, we picked up the Excursion from storage & unfortunately realized that the full tank of gas Mike put into the vehicle before storing it was gone (obviously purchasing a gas cap is now on our to-do list). We then caravanned out to Caldwell to set up the bus (it’s home for the next month). We were lucky enough to find an RV resort, every one for miles was booked for the entire month of September!!

Finally we made our way to Katie & Mike’s, just in time for dinner (smoked meat & salad…mm, mm, good)! As the 4 of us snuck around the side gate of their house, Kaden & his new lil buddies were running wild in their undies throughout the backyard. We spent some time catching up, mingling with their neighbors, and of course, playing with Kaden. Then it was back to the bus for us (30 min drive!), with an early day planned full of storage locker wars (just as exciting as the show), spa treatments, picking little man up from his brand new preschool (in a uniform, cutest thing EVER), fridge repair men, Chooch & Sunny visits, and a family cookout at the bus (Kaden was SO excited to see the bus)!

Our last night in town, we spent the night (head-to-toe) sleeping on Katie & Mike’s couch. My dad (gotta love this guy) woke up at 5am to drive Mike & I to the Boise airport for our 7am flight to Los Angeles.

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