First note from Captain Maz

The smile has not been wiped off my face since realizing the dream of operating a Prevost! The anticipation and then reality of becoming the captain of our land yacht has been exhilarating. So many thoughts of ensuring smooth operation can get a bit stressful at times but in the end, cruising down the road with our favorite artists playing full blast has been just what we were looking for.

The service team at Liberty Coach did a splendid job providing a once over review of operation. We have been in a few situations where we were able to get them on the phone or text with immediate responses. Most of the answers were simple but for first timers going through the process of operation, they seemed paramount to getting rectified right away. Tech support for our coach at each turn has engrained lessons and also additional checklist items during operation. Operating the coach can be broken down into the physical driving which once you feel comfortable is the best feeling in the world and then the engineering aspect of how the coach operates in different modes.

Now the Liberty Conversion is very user friendly. There are a few head scratchers in the beginning of going through switches, etc but each system can be explained. From an electrical standpoint the computer screen that operates all of the fuses turn on and off and alert you right away if something has been tripped. Most of the time you just need to press the touch screen to fix the problem. There hasn’t been any physical changing of fuses underneath the coach at this point and we don’t anticipate that in the near future. One of the added benefits of our coach is that there is an Ipad controlled app that operates everything from lights, shades, climate and monitors tank levels etc. The original Crestron system does the same but now is a bit more user friendly.

Living in the coach (now our home) has been fantastic at least until our gigantic beasts of dogs come aboard. Sleeping every night has been wonderful! I would say that an alarm needs to be set as the bedroom is very dark and cozy with an extremely comfortable memory foam mattress. Kelsey has been ensuring our design touches don’t become forgotten and has made the first part of trip a lot of fun by adding little comforts from the locations of travel. We did realize that magnets don’t stick to our extra large fridge. Most likely a good thing because I didn’t want to have to buy a magnet from every town we visited.

At this point, our trip has just begun and the excitement for where we are headed is over the top! We imagine where and make a few inquiries and then point the GPS in that direction. Better than an airline in my opinion because the coach has a quiet comfort to it while cruising down the road. Oh…and did I mention the air ride seat?

2 weeks in to Full-time RV life!

We packed up our New York campsite & arrived in Vermont yesterday afternoon. With a fridge full of groceries (thank you Mike’s mom!) we pulled in around 5pm to our Lake Champlain home(THE most gorgeous sight to see) for the next couple of days. Our neighbors, who’d just celebrated their nuptuals, were anxious to invite us for a campfire. My good friend warned me about the power of offering a beer… “Don’t do it, unless you want a new bestfriend.” Her words rang true. We were barely parked before the camper hospitality was out in full force.

We spent the evening BBQ-ing burgers & attempting to boil water for salt potatoes. Unfortunately, between the continuous switch off from shore-power to generator, which definitely didn’t bother my husband ;P …. the water never boiled & we gave up the idea and craving for salt potatoes. This RV campground, Apple Island Marina, is our 1st encounter with decent wifi. Thus, rather than sharing in the campfire nextdoor, we’ll admit (guilty!) we spent the rest of the night catching up on some of our TV shows…

We have a lot to explore today: Home of Maple Syrup, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, a Teddy Bear Factory (who knew?). This is going to be our first experience utilizing one of the many rental car services around to sight-see & explore a destination. With a cab arriving shortly to whisk us away to the Burlington Airport Enterprise Rent-a-car, I have to cut this post short. Update you all soon on our Vermont adventure.

Our 1st RV Park Experience… with a Bus!

We picked up the bus in Florida & stayed one night (2 full days) at the dealer, learning the ins & outs of operating this massive piece of machinery. I managed to drag my husband to just about EVERY (seriously…every) home shopping store possible. We ventured into Walmart, HomeGoods, TJ Maxx, Bed & Bath… and even a few others. Come day 2, it began to storm in Florida. What better time to learn how to drive this thing, huh?

Leaving Florida we headed out on our journey to Upstate New York. Driving through Florida, Georgia, & the Carolina’s we rolled into a truck stop around 3am. Slept for a few hours and by 7:30am, Mike was back at it, driving us through Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, ultimately ending up around 1am in a Walmart parking lot.

We had a few minor mishaps along the way… Who knew a nice stop off in Downtown Gettysburg wasn’t a suitable destination for 45ft long motor coach?? (Not me!) After surviving that… extremely narrow roads, low power wires, crap tons of people, we were happy to make it to the Turning Stone RV resort in Verona, NY. We’re going on day 3 here at an actual rv resort & I must say it has been pretty awesome. We met a few of our “neighbors,” enjoyed a nice walk & are enjoying being able to spend some time with our East Coast family & friends.

Moving Day!

I know it has been awhile since our last post (Sorry!). We’ve been so busy planning the start of our adventure. Right now we are packing up the final items in our apartment & getting ready to set out on a 13 hour road trip to Idaho! From there we will be flying to Florida & embarking on the next chapter of our lives.

So what have we learned this early on?? We have SO much crap! Things, things, things… We have & continue to… Downsize… donating & tossing. It’s quite liberating to be honest. We have been discussing topics like: staying fit on the road, eating as healthy as we can, places to see, family & friends to visit, attractions or events to attend…. the list really goes on & on.

To help us transport ALL of our belongings. We turned to Amazon & purchased a few of these massive duffle bags. They are turning out to be total life-savers! Sturdy, quality material, and they come in a few different color options…. When you click this link it takes you straight to the product & we make a commision on the sale, how cool is that?!

Things are getting REAL!

While we haven’t quite figured out who is going to insure us, I thought I’d check in with you all in the meantime. Things are in full motion on our end… We have officially given our last months notice at our current apartment in Sunny Santa Monica (so crazy!!)! Mike & I are busy packing up, downsizing, and in the process, picking-and-choosing the items we are bringing with us on our adventure. While we are just in the beginning stages, we’ve made a few decisions and have continued to do a bunch of research. We’ve gathered some helpful advice from our fellow bloggers, friends & family, and good ole Google…. Oh, and Pinterest too! Man that site is deadly…

At this point… exactly one month out from our Go-Date. We’re asking ourselves questions like… Which pots and pans to pack? What accessories are necessary for our pups on the road? Do we REALLY need that much clothing? The picture below is the mess of our apartment as we continue to box & toss (donate).

We Did It!!

I’m sorry it’s been awhile since our last post! Mike and I have been super busy planning out the next chapter in our story… After much discussion and research, we pulled the trigger and purchased a 2009 Prevost Liberty Coach! We “officially” wired our money over last week and are now anxiously waiting to get our wheels moving!

Our current dilemma is deciding on insurance for this beast of an RV. Mike has contacted the few insurance companies out there that want to take on Prevost owners as customers. We have yet to settle on a company, but as soon as we do, I’m sure he’ll update you on the process.

Since we’ve made the decision to get on the road by August 1st… (Yes. THIS August 1st!!) we are organizing and downsizing like never before. We’ve located an affordable storage locker to house our prized-possessions, and we’ve locked in a moving company. Next step for us is giving our notice to our current landlord, and continue planning our initial itinerary!! Stay tuned as we make our way back to Florida to pick up our new home on wheels!

Newell vs. Prevost

Newell Pros & Cons:


1.5 bath
Couch is an actual pull-out bed
TONS of bedroom storage
More space when slide-outs are out

Less space in transit

Several systems to reference when driving
Pedals are close together, making it difficult for those with large shoes/wide feet to drive comfortably

Liberty Prevost Pros & Cons:


Drives smoothly/no noise from slide-outs
Driver seat is separated from remainder of coach
Good amount of space in living area when in transit


One toilet
Sleeper sofa is not an actual bed, just a fold down couch

Not as much bedroom storage for my liking

Newell definitely takes a few seconds longer to retract the slide-outs, there was slight noise of slide-out when rig was in transit. Liberty was gorgeous, but didn’t have a dining table, rather a counter & stools, and the 2nd “bed” was a couch.

Hoping to make up our minds by the end of June! Stay Tuned…

Getting Lost in the Sunshine State

Leaving on a red-eye out of LAX we arrived bright and early in Orlando! Picked up the rental car and drove 2 hours to Bradenton, FL… No idea where that is?? No worries, neither does anyone else! After a 6 hour (yes….6 hours!!) chat/inspection AND test drive, Mike & I felt well-versed on all things Newell. Leaving The Motorcoach Store, we jumped in the car and drove another 2 hours across the state to Stuart, FL. Surviving at this point on nothing but a Dunkin Donuts coffee… we stumbled upon a gas station (thank the Lord!) and I was able to grab a bag of Cheetos. Arriving a few minutes before 6pm, we viewed a handful of Prevost rigs… Marathon, Millenium, Liberty, Oh My… By the time 11pm came around, the wonderful salesman was encouraging a purchase. Running on about 2 hours of sleep, and gas station munchies, we were moments away from signing on the dotted line. Thank heavens we snapped out of the Prevost Trance we were under and opted to “Sleep on it.”

Driving another 40 minutes to our hotel in West Palm Beach, we forced each other to stay awake and alert with the incentive of a slice of pizza floating in our minds. After a fattening dinner, and amazing rest (we slept till 10am!) we had a better idea of what we wanted in an RV home, and how much $ we wanted to spend.

Florida Here We Come!!

After much discussion and endless hours spent online “shopping,” we’ve decided the best option for us is either a Newell or Prevost Bus (so much for being set on the Tiffen). Mike has called the banks, multiple conversion companies, and now we are set to fly to Florida for our first walk through of what could-be, the dream coach for us! Talk about a whirlwind of a month. We will be taking off Friday, landing in Orlando, and driving to Tampa. There are a handful of dealers/motorcoach movers we will be visiting along the way. With the intention of taking the 1st step on the biggest adventure of our lifetime, we are bring a blank check & an open-minded attitude! To say we are excited…is a massive understatement! My next post just might be about our newest addition ❤

Took the 1st Step!

After months of casually joking about the concept, the idea, the dream… My husband Mike and I decided to take the 1st step! We committed our Saturday to driving over an hour to wander around an RV lot. Dropping our 2 dogs, Chooch & Sunny, at doggy daycare, we set off for a day that we didn’t realize would completely change our current direction.

Tiffin, Georgetown, Winnebago, Prevost…the brands were overwhelming! The salesman knowledgeable and hungry. Hydraulics, chassis, engines, OH MY! From marble to wood, the possibilities appeared endless. The diesel Tiffin won us over. We knew the instant we stepped foot in it, that the Tiffin was the rig we had to have. While we didn’t make the purchase in that instant, we left the loft with a new sense of certainty, an actual timeline of achieving our goal, and the excitement to bring our dream to reality. Mike & I drove home stirring about the possibilities, the endless exploration that we could experience, the dream that could become reality.